I was sent over some guidelines again by Google that are effecting all Adwords accounts moving forward. We have known for sometime that there is greater weight given to landing page quality within the Google quality score algos but there are more guidelines on the recent changes here. These have actually been around for sometime, but its useful to revisit.

Advertisers landing pages will be visited by Googles AdsBot for evaluation and the “quality information collected will affect your account performance in the future”.

The AdsBot will crawl all pages specified by both advert and keyword (power posted) destination urls. The bots will also follow any redirect urls that might be in place.

You can however exclude your site from the process by simply including the below in your robots.txt file. Googles guidelines are –

  • To prevent AdsBot-Google from accessing your site completely, you just need to include the following to your robots.txt file:

    User-agent: AdsBot-Google
    Disallow: /

  • To prevent AdsBot-Google from accessing certain parts of your site, you need to include the following to your robots.txt file:

    User-agent: AdsBot-Google
    Disallow: /exclude/

Where exclude represents the directories you don’t want the AdWords system to visit.

As Google states in their guidelines this quality review of landing pages is essential to gaining a good quality score and paying a low minimum cpc. By opting out of this process you will experience a drop in quality score pushing your minimum bid higher.

How much higher will the minimum bid be if you restrict access to the AdsBot? It’s hard to say, but surely it will be similar to that which will effect the high advert low content sites known as ‘made for adsense’ sites or MFA’s.

It will be interesting to see MFA’s experiencing huge leaps in bids due to the new algo’s, gain any kind of change or relief (however small) in quality score or minimum cpc if they restrict the AdsBot. I am guessing probably not…