I haven’t been to HotorNot.com for a long time, since the site first started and got a whole load of attention while I was at uni. I have read a couple of articles of late about how they have been forced to adapt to survive, so I thought I would take a look around the site.

The first thing I noticed is how damn close the adsense adverts are to the rating system. I accidently clicked on one while voting quickly. I wonder how many others have done the same?

hot or not adverts?

Which brings about the question – Where should Google draw the line between adverts that honestly integrate as part of a website and those that go out of there way to optimise specifically for the accidental click…

How much are these ads pulling in? I would love to see the conversion rate on them. How many of those accidental clicks like mine are getting filtered and classed as invalid?

Would you trust your ads sitting there next to a voting system?!

From what I can see the ad placement is not breaking Googles terms and conditions. Some advertisers just need to use site exclusion.