Yesterday the SEroundtable reported that Google adverts were being bolded even if they are variants of the actual search term, in particular plurals.

Historically, a plural would not be matched against a singular search term (and vice versa) & subsequently not be bolded within adtext. So hence, a search for ‘bank loan’ would of resulted in only ‘bank’ being bolded for adverts with ‘bank loans’. The ‘loans’ would not be matched and remain not bolded.

So it looks as though Google have changed this and some search term variants are now bolded. A search for ‘golf shoe‘, shows adverts with the plural ‘shoes’ bolded. As seen below –

golf shoe image

Not all plurals seem to be matching though. A search for ‘golf club’, shows ‘clubs’ as not bolded in the advert for example.

golf clubs image

Looks as though this is still being tweaked somewhat.

Good news though – It means advertisers will no longer have to set up seperate adgroups for singular / plurals or rely on dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) to ensure slight term variants (when they are the same type!) are bolded in the adtext.