Ever since Google launched the Search Query Report in AdWords, advertisers have been using the data to refine and evaluate their current keyword lists, identifying any potential new keywords that they could add into their accounts.

As those of us who use these reports know all too well, when looking at these reports you do see the dreaded “… Other Unique Queries” quite a bit – This is obviously not a real search query ;-)

(For those who want the actual definition it is when Google aggregates the statistics for all outlying queries – i.e. queries that don’t meet their privacy and volume requirements)

Now I know that there have been countless occasions when people have found examples of advertisers simply copying the data out of the reports and into their live campaigns without looking at what they are adding & I even used it as an example of not what to do when I was training a new employee about how to use the reports.

As I was running a SQR this morning I wondered if people had actually taken on board all the talk and mickey taking that had gone on before about simply taking the data without looking at it first. You can see from the screenshot below that the answer is obviously NO.

Search Query Report

Now the fact that advertiser number 2 is using Unicode symbols in their Sitelink ad extensions makes me believe that they are not new to the industry and that they do read all the various PPC blogs out there as this is something that has been discussed at great length recently but this then begs the question- did they ignore all the previous stuff about taking all the data from their Search Query Reports?

The Google Search Query Performance report is a great tool to use when looking at what your keywords are doing and what they are matching against but unless you use it properly you can end up looking very silly and being laughed at by the rest of us… You have been warned!