Google has been offering free optimisation of campaigns for a while and now it seems they are testing a new automatic ‘campaign optimizer’ tool within Adwords. The tool analyses your keywords and adverts in a campaign at a click of a button and provides a proposal for improvements. The full description can be seen in the Google help page here.

The Campaign Optimizer is a free AdWords tool designed to help you fine-tune your advertising campaigns. When you run the Campaign Optimizer, we automatically analyze your budget, keywords, and landing page, and create a customized proposal for your campaign. You can then review the proposed changes and accept the ones you want to apply. You can reach the Campaign Optimizer via the Optimize Campaign link on your campaign details page. You can also go to the Tools page of the Campaign Management tab and click Campaign Optimizer.

You will see a little link like below if its available within your account…

campaign optimizer

You can then choose which campaign you would like to optimise, before Google comes back with recommendations, like those in the screenshots below. (I have stipped out private information).

  • Keyword recommendations –
campaign optimizer keyword recommendations
  • Advert recommendations –
campaign optimizer advert recommendations
  • Another cool feature is that it remembers when you last ran a optimisation.
campaign optimizer

The Campaign Optimizer learning center page is still to be fully written, so this definitely seems to be a early beta. Feedback can be given here.