Techcrunch are the first to spot that the ‘Googles tips’ have been removed from Googles search result pages. Whether this is permanent is hard to say, but due to a fair bit of criticism it might well be.

I gave them a hard time a couple of weeks back which was picked up at the SEroundtable & I followed this up with a few more thoughts. Matt Cutts replied with a couple of amusing comments;

“I don’t have any inside insight on this, but maybe someone saw that Yahoo was doing tips and getting *less* grief than if they’d bought ads. ;) Barry, take your article and substitute the word “Yahoo” for “Google”. Now why didn’t you write that article? :) Because they’ve done it for years. :)”

A few more thoughts from Matt can be seen at his blog. I think Google do get a bit of a rough deal in comparison to the other search engines. Why? Simply because there is that much more expectation for Google to do no evil, so to speak. We expect it elsewhere, so its like a complement in many ways to Google.

Update – Matt has confirmed the tip removal over at the Blake Ross blog;

There’s a binary push going on that and the tips are removed in that binary push. It will take a few days before the binary makes it out to every data center. Blake, thanks for your feedback on this issue.