I think thats my best post title to date.

In all seriousness, I cannot believe just how bad Microsofts search engine is right now. It’s umbelievable how wrong they get the ‘easy’ stuff still, like simple searches for brands / sites and exact match domains (navigational queries).

A search for ‘Myspace‘.

search for myspace

Pretty bad, lets try some more.

  • A search for ‘Digg‘. The ‘Disability Information For Greater Glasgow’ is top, but I am guessing the majority of people will be searching for the other ‘Digg’…
  • A search for ‘Reddit‘. Wikipedia top, need I say more.
  • A search for ‘Mahalo‘. Wikipedia top again here.
  • A search for ‘Delicious‘. Not on the first page!. OK, lets help them out a little. A search for ‘Del.icio.us‘. Still not to be seen, although Wikipedia is now in the results…


Now run those searches on the new Wiki search alpha, I’d argue that the very top result (not the full SERP) are actually better…