1) You need to be number 1 – Leave your ego at the login, you do not have to rank number 1 for the pay per click campaign to work or to get volume. Concentrate and optimise on conversion and ROI

2) You will pay 1p a click if there are no other advertisersMinimum bids & actual CPC are quality based & some engines have set minimum CPC’s.

3) The content network is all bad – Actually no. There are a lot of scare stories out there but in fact the content network can perform very well in some markets and for certain businesses. Set up the content network seperate to search, test and evaluate. Consider placement targetting on Google and remember site exlusion. Yes, even domain parking ads can work.

4) Broad /Advanced match is all bad – Used in the correct manner broad match & Yahoos advanced match can be very effective. The expanded match element of Google broad match can be very unpredictable, but run search query reports to understand the real search queries behind those clicks and use negative match.

5) Bidding high increases your quality score – CTR and hence quality score are normalized to it’s position. So coming in with a high bid will get you more clicks (& in turn history) QUICKER but not necessarily improve your QS or Avg CPC.

6) There is only one search engine – Despite the myth, there are other search engines out there other than Google that should be tested. Google may have the highest volume, but it will not necessarily deliver the best ROI to your campaign. Test Yahoo and MSN/adCenter and consider the many other search engines out there such as Miva, Webfinder, Mirago and Yell. There are plenty more in the U.S.

7) PPC has a bearing on natural rankings – No, no, no. It doesn’t. The javacript does not act as anchor text!!!!.

8) Advertising spend has a bearing on quality score and hence ad rank – Even small advertisers can have great quality scores and 1p minimum bids. Take the tin foil hats off.

9) PPC is only short-term until organic rankings arrive – Pay per click can integrate with your SEO campaign. Test and measure individual and aggregate campaign data – If the PPC campaign delivers the right ROI then why stop?

10) PPC Optimisation is a one time event – Like SEO, it’s not a set up and forget campaign. Optimisation & performance improvement is a continuous process. Like your business, pay per click campaigns continue to develop, change and evolve.

11) Optimisation is campaign only, not the site – Don’t expect miracles from a campaign if you will not consider landing page and site improvements. That simple.

12) Deleting will delete history – History is kept at account level on Adwords. Delete a keyword and replace it elsewhere, its quality score will remain the same. Only individual adverts history are lost on edit, but this previous performance is still factored into relating quality scores and overall account quality score.

13) Adwords / Yahoo! / adCenter hates me – Maybe, but before complaning and going completely mad, make sure you read the help centre. I mean r-e-a-l-l-y read it.