I’ve been tagged by Kevin over at SEOptimise, so here goes –

1) Because It Was All SEO
When I first stumbled into the industry, a lot of news I read was SEO focused. I am equally enthusiastic about organic search now, but at the time there was little in the way of a PPC dedicated news source in the UK. I decided to give it a try.

2) To Learn –
I wanted to continue to develop my learnings on the web and not just with PPC. This blog has been a learning process in itself, but its also helped me clarify thoughts, keep up to date with the industry, bookmark information and discuss. The blog has developed as I have. It has ranked 1st page for both ‘PPC’ and ‘pay per click’ in the UK and nearly as quickly, dropped back to the 3rd page. Its invaluable learning and testing in understanding the reasons with something that does not matter to much. It has also allowed me to test many things including referral rates and various ad formats to use elsewhere.

3) To Rant –
Due to my anonmity being somewhat diminished to some, I can’t rant quite so freely. Still, the blog provides another way to get accross my view on certain subjects in the industry.

4) To Share –
I wanted to share my experiences with others and vice versa. I guess this kind of fits in with learning again.

I wanted to talk not just about PPC, but my ventures in affiliate marketing and a little SEO thrown in. There is a LOT of stuff I have yet to really blog about due to other priorities and time. I plan to talk more freely at somepoint – about how i’ve lost £250 in one morning (that hurt) and made £400 the next day. All through confidence and enthusiasm manifested through the blog aswell as hard work, experimentation, testing, learning by mistakes and more testing. For good or bad, the blog has played a BIG hand in this.

5) Because I Am A Geek? –
I have a slightly obesessive personality and it has come out somehow right?.

OK, who hasn’t been tagged? Lets try a real mix –

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Aplogises if you have already been tagged guys.