There’s been a few threads recently about adCenter migrating some advertisers in the US over to their content ads pilot program and last week the adCenter blog confirmed the upgrade.

Upgrading to Content Ads on January 25, 2007 This week, some of our U.S. advertisers received an e-mail notification that their accounts will be migrated to our Beta site on Thursday, January 25, 2007, as part of the adCenter Content Ads pilot program. The e-mail notification also explained that the campaigns within migrated accounts will automatically be expanded to include distribution on content pages within the Microsoft network.

The adCenter blog has a whole FAQ about content adverts if advertisers have any concerns.

Much like Adwords & Yahoo, adCenter will provide advertisers with the ability to set content bids seperately from search at both adgroup and keyword level. Instructions can be seen over at the adCenter blog.