The Inside Adwords blog has announced an interesting new feature called ‘hosted business pages’ that will be available in the ‘starter edition’ of Adwords.

This basically allows potential advertisers without a website to develop a free informational web page for their business when signing up to use Adwords. Effectively it acts as a very simple landing page outlining basic details such as your business name, address, contact details, hours & description.

The Inside Adwords blog continues –

Hosted business pages are now available for new US advertisers using AdWords Starter Edition. It’s important to note that a hosted business page is not a full-featured website with its own domain name, but rather a single landing page for your AdWords ads. Hosted business pages are free with a new AdWords account, and can be set up with no knowledge of HTML.

No news as yet when this will be available in the UK, but it shouldn’t be to long. You can find more details on hosted business pages in the Google Adwords help center.