So in yesterdays post, I noticed Google were testing the yellow background and search product features more widespread. The Inside Adwords blog has now confirmed two changes to how the top paid adverts are displayed.

First of all, the yellow background is here to stay. Adverts in the central top positions will no longer have a blue background, instead the pale yellow. Why? Not just for a ‘new look’ as the Inside Adwords blog suggests. The tests must have revealed a certain amount of ‘banner blindness’ from the older norm blue background. The yellow background will place greater emphasis on the top positions and increase there importance.

The second change involves what counts as a click on the top sponsored results. Instead of being able to click anywhere on the advert (description or background) a searcher must now click on the title of the advert for it to count. This brings the top adverts inline with how the adverts on the right hand side operate. Why? The goal seems to be to decrease the likelihood of unintentional or accidental clicks.