There’s a pretty interesting thread over at the SEW forums that has been re-started from over a year ago. It originally began with a member questioning the quality of pay per click traffic received from Googles adsense for domains program. Google include some of these sites into their search network, aswell as their content network, where of course you can use site exclusion and block poor performers. This has lead to some confusion and also annoyance from advertisers;

“ can’t block Google AdSense For Domains becuase Google — wrongly in my view — considers this part of Google AdSense For Search rather than Google AdSense For Content… people may find parked domain traffic converts. But it clearly is NOT the same as search targeted traffic and so like the content program, it ought to be a completely separate buy/marketplace.”

However, it seems that Googles Domain parking program will now finally be treated differently by Google, even if they are on the search network. Adwords Rep confirmed;

“..any parked domain in Google’s Search or Content network can be excluded. There may have been some confusion that he was referring to other sites in the search network – however, this was not his intent. Our apologies for any confusion. So, to clarify – one can exclude any site in our Content network and any parked domain in either the Search or Content network but cannot exclude other sites in the Search network.”

At least its a start. But come on Google this thread was started over a year ago and not much has changed. Should these sites still be automatically included within the search network?

When will advertisers be able to exclude any site from the search network individually?

When will there be more transparancy on referrals from both the search and content network?

Why do you instead mask content website referral urls with “pagead2.googlesyndication” ?

Is this not purposely deceptive?

By no means should Google be the only ad platform included in the above rant. At least Google allow you to opt out of their search network and exclude sites from content (even if they do make it as difficult as humanly possible), Yahoo do neither. As Discovery puts it;

“Google – Block the content partners if you can decipher who the heck they are. Thats why they cloak the traffic. You have to eat everything on the search side.

MSN – Eat everything – No blocking, period

YSM – Eat everything – No blocking, period”