Big news today is that Google are planning on openly listing content sites where adverts display for Adwords advertisers. I have criticised Google about this in the past, so its great news to hear that they will finally be introducing more transparency in their ppc network.

In an article over at the New York Times, Kim Malone Director of online sales and operations for Google Adsense spoke of the big change.

In the next few months, Google’s advertiser reports will begin listing the sites where each ad runs, Ms. Malone said. She added that advertisers on the Google networks would soon be able to bid on contextual ads on particular Web sites rather than simply buying keywords that appeared across Google’s entire network. Still, Ms. Malone said she did not see much of consequence coming from the changes. “We don’t expect a lot of demand for that placement targeting,” she said. “It’s the brand, the display advertisers who care where they run.”

Well, I can see a LOT of consequences coming from these changes, with Googles site exclusion tool becoming more meaningful & important to all advertisers…

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