As reported over at the SEroundtable and discussed on both WMW and Digital Point Forums, there seems to be a big problem with bids, with lots of advertisers being charged over their bid.

Base bids’ seem to be of little relevance, with actual average cpc’s being reported to be much higher. It seems whatever Google do, Microsoft soon follow…

Although I think most advertisers would of preferred Microsoft to just rename ‘Orders’ to ‘Ad groups’ and provide some decent volume…

A screen shot as below –

Adcenter bug

As you can see, this advertisers base bid was 0.50 cents and was charged an average cpc of £281.58.

After looking through a number of my own campaigns, I can see quite a few bids in excess of their base bid when they should not be. Bare in mind – Not all the examples I found are as outrageous as the above, so keep an eye on your campaigns.

I have heard from a Microsoft rep that its just a reporting issue, rather than a bid management problem. But who knows? Advertisers will of course be credited back any overpayments, but it would be advisable to keep an eye on terms you think you have been overcharged on.

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