I find it incredible just how bad Microsoft’s advanced keyword match option is. Adavanced match or ‘broad match’ as its known on Google basically allows the search engines to add additional words to your keyword phrase, in any order so that your advert appears against plurals or variations. Obviously this type of match is less targetted and in a lot of cases less relevant as terms you do not want to appear against can be ‘matched’….(this is why negative keywords should be used).

I have seen some strange broad matching many times, however, Microsoft / MSN Adcenter seem to have unearthed new levels of complete irrelevance in their advanced match option it’s actually scarey.

Without picking on this advertiser for any reason bar being the first completely irrelevant advert I could find with tracking – its quite interesting to see what searches adverts can display for with such ease and in many cases not obvious terms either. Obviously this look hinges on the accuracy of the keyword tracking, but I have seen so many instances of this, I believe it to be completely accurate.

A dating company in particular called Dating for Parents happened to be the first I came accross. Check out some of the examples below.

Under a search for ‘Golf Club’

MSN Golf CLub Search

You can see their advert appears. Why? Well, from their tracking we can see its matching against ‘Dating Club’.

MSN Golf CLub Search

Relevant huh? It gets better.So if you think thats fairly irrelevant, try searching for anything with ‘club’ pretty much. Say a ‘night club‘ or ‘boat club‘? They come right up again. So MSN seems to be matching fairly heavily against not just the main prefix, but also the suffix. Which means possible terms for advanced match could be fairly limitless.So here are some more examples. Take a look at a search for ‘manchester builders

MSN Golf CLub Search

So what could this be matching against? Believe it or not, ‘Dating in Manchester’. Again… its matching against ‘manchester’ simply being in the keyword, which could hardly be less relevant its laughable. That’s only because its not my money though.

So as before, if MSN is matching terms against club, whats it matching against manchester? How about a search for ‘jobs in Manchester

MSN Golf CLub Search

or ‘surfboards in Manchester‘?So who has their keywords set as advanced match in MSN Adcenter without negatively mactching everything under the sun?!