Am I being to cynical but page load time as another factor in quality score?. Why?
According to Google it’s all in the name of ‘user experience’ and hence it’s going to be added into the quality score algo in Adwords sometime soon.

I don’t get it. Why bother?

Surely if site load time is long and delayed meaning the user experience for a visitor is that awful then they will simply go elsewhere, meaning the advertiser will lose out on conversion. Ultimately if it was that much of a problem it would be detrimental to the advertisers business and they would naturally drop out of the bidding or just fix their problem.

So what’s the point? Isn’t this basically just organic and self fixing anyway?

Do we really need a load time algo to dictate how fast a site should be…it raises more questions and worries about what happens if the site has a small or temporary issue etc. Apparently Google will be clarifying the new factor but still…

If user experience was really the key then develop a system where campaigns automatically pause when there is a certain server or site response over a given time instead of just making advertisers pay extra. Or something.

pulling hair out