I’ve been so damn busy I have hardly had time to post. But here’s some interesting news for all of you wanting to know what Danny Sullivans next project will be; Search Engine Land.

What’s Search Engine Land?

Search Engine Land is a new search news blog launching December 11, 2006. Danny Sullivan, along with Chris Sherman and Barry Schwartz, will be providing information about search engine marketing and how search engines work in general, from a searcher’s perspective. At launch, the site will provide:

* Original content covering developments in the search space.

* Daily blog posts covering search news from across the web.

* SearchCap: A daily email newsletter recapping search news from Search Engine Land and across the web. Also available by feed.

* SearchCap Monthly: A monthly email newsletter recapping search news over the past month. Also available by feed.

* A fresh, clean look — complete with logo. What you see here is NOT how the site will look December 11!

So what will this mean for SEW? Discussion over at Threadwatch.