Its not to often you see the same domain displayed within the same SERP on Google, let alone 4 adverts. I think Thomson Local are taking over…

Thomson local ppc picture

A bigger picture can be viewed here.

In fact there were more results on the other pages, it’s only there similar ad rank that forced these 4 adverts to appear on the same page. How about a search for plumbers?

thomson plumbers search

Is this is a case of one rule for some and another for others?

I find it hard to believe these keywords are all running in different accounts for a start, so possibly Thompson have added account privileges. They are also not being counted as the same domain, as they should be automatically as per all adverts in this way. It’s only TLD variations that can act as a seperate domain allowing effective double serving like this.

They run a similar thing on their own search engine, but Googles double serving policy remains –

To provide the best possible experience for our users and advertisers, Google does not permit multiple ads from the same or affiliated company or person to appear on the same results page.

Exceptions to that rule are only –

* The destination site for each ad offers different products or services (for example, a large manufacturer with two product sites, one solely for stereos and one solely for computers, both running on keyword ‘electronics’).

* Each destination site has a different layout and design, and each URL and domain is different.

Thomson might well be promoting different businesses per advert, but the fact remains they still direct visitors to their own domain which they ultimately get paid for. It’s like there very own version of business hosted pages.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the ads were accurately geo-targetted. But I am looking at plumbers over 60 miles away!