A thread picked up by SEroundtable highlights that Yahoo are offering a one time only courtesy bulk upload or conversion from any other ad platform (Google, MSN etc) to a Yahoo account.

The thread is based around US advertisers who are having issues when uploading keywords into Yahoos Panama. However this seems to be extended to any advertisers in the States and I believe this might also be applicable to advertisers in the UK regardless that Panama has yet to hit our shores. If your a new advertiser and want a Google account conversion, then why not ask…

Yahoo! representative, YahooSarah, said:

The bulk upload functionality is usually extended only to gold-tiered (or higher) accounts. However, we offer a one time courtesy of submitting your keywords to us. Simply send a copy of the .csv export of your keywords from your campaigns with other ad networks to our support center, which we will convert and upload the data into the account; or, send a copy of the file that you have converted, and we will upload that data into the account for you.