I’ll keep this short and sweet.

There has been a fair amount of movement for the search query ‘search engine optimisation‘ in the Google UK SERPs recently. I’ll let you perform your own analysis and work out what’s going on if you haven’t already.

But what can we learn from the state of the results?

1) The power of exact match domains – searchengineoptimisation.org has been ranking consistently in 3rd. searchengineoptimization.co.uk the US spelling is 2nd page. The only real question here, is why Click Consult are not utilising searchengineoptimisation.co.uk which is parked.

2) Link networks, link buying, sponsoring website themes (for wordpress etc) and utilising your own clients to rank for SEO all still work.

3) Hiding links (from users) using CSS is difficult for the search engines to discover.

4) There is still far to much weight placed on anchor text and it makes the SERPS easy to manipulate.

5) SEO hasn’t moved on as far as many believe.