Since I complained about the geo problems in Googles UK SERPS last year, there have been improvements. Some of the generic phrases which I noted had non UK orientated sites (ie. sites that don’t even sell to the UK) in the results have improved significantly.

However, there is still a geo problem in the Google UK SERPs which is more noticable on the longer tail queries (as you might expect). Higher authority domains that don’t target the UK, still manage to overcome the geo filtering and outrank UK targeted websites with more relevant content which from a user experience perspective is simply put, poor.

As SEOs we find ourselves running search queries a lot for clients, but my experience today was as a normal user wanting to buy a product. I am after a Diesel man bag to replace the one I managed to break recently. Hence, I searched for ‘Diesel messenger bags’

So lets look at the results that gave me (without personalisation) –

  1. – Ok, cool. But I want to buy brand new and don’t fancy browsing Ebay to look through reputable dealers.
  2. – Not really after a content farm.
  3. – Doesn’t deliver to the UK!
  4. – US Ebay site. I just decided not to buy from the UK site so…
  5. – Don’t really want to buy from a shopping comparison site but I’ll take a look. Oh wait there, it’s the US version anyway.
  6. – Same as above.
  7. – It has handbags in the url and is the US shop…
  8. – A blog post, no help as I want to buy, buy, buy!
  9. – Diesel handbags for the US market. Great.
  10. – An Aussie site. Got to have an ranking in the top 10 of Google UK SERPS these days.
  11. – Oh FFS, Ebay and their bloody subdomains.
  12. – The content farm AGAIN….!!
  13. – AHHH another blog.
  14. – At least this snippet is telling me I can buy them at ASOS but its just a product review with aff link!
  15. – Seriously, again?
  16. – WA-HEY! Finally a UK site that sells Diesel messenger bags! Oh, it’s out of stock though.

Now at this point you feel like shooting yourself in the face right?

Try and refrain from doing that and run the search again. This time, click on the PPC results. I found what I was looking for with the 1st click. The Adwords team must be loving the revenue right now.