I still love the linkfromdomain command on Live.com. Like MSN / Live (perhaps Kumo?!) search platform, it’s often forgotten about. But actually it still has much value for SEO. Here are 3 quick reasons why –

1) Check Your Outbound Links – You can’t always control who links to you, but you can control who you link out to which means it’s a fantastic indicator of trust to the search engines. We have seen time and time again when sites start linking out to poor neighbourhoods or spam (hacked sites or the DP network as extreme examples) your rankings die. So use the linkfromdomain command to see if you are linking out to anything you shouldn’t be.

You can use the excellent free Xenu link sleuth for this but with the linkfromdomain query you can add the usual spam queries to the end to narrow your search down.

For example for this blog with viagra. They all seem fine, although Yahoo still has some of it’s old hacked pages in the cache.

If you want to find out exactly what page you are linking to the site from use this command on Yahoo.

2) Identify Authority Hubs – Ok, so we believe that Googles trust algo was built around an initial hand picking of ‘tier 1’ authoritative trusted sites initially. The more links you receive from sites like these and the ‘closer’ you are to these sites, the more authority and trust you will have in the search engines eyes. It can be extremely difficult to get links from these sites, so identify who they link out to and get links there.

For example, the BBC. Then you can narrow your query down, for example if you wanted to find out who the BBC links out to with content around ‘flowers‘.

3) A little Naughty – How about as a way to find old domains with established pagerank / links? Using the BBC as an example again, how about expired domains or domains for sale which you can look to pick up. But obviously you can identify the authority sites in your niche or sector and analyse those sites.

So are you still using linkfromdomain?