So we knew Panama was close with the recent e-mail sent to advertisers and now it seems the long anticipated ad platform Yahoo Panama is available in Europe.

Yahoo has been migrating accounts over to the new platform for sometime, but don’t expect everyone to have access just yet. Although a selected few might be able to access the new system now, there will be many more that are yet to be migrated and are someway off from being able to actively manage their paid search campaign from within the new platform.

I have been sent over an official PR piece from Yahoos communication agency which reads –

LONDON May 30, 2007: Yahoo! Europe today announces that its new sponsored search advertising platform has launched and that it has started upgrading European advertisers to the new campaign management console.

The platform is designed to enable marketers to better manage their campaigns for an improved overall return on their search advertising investment whilst providing consumers with a more relevant and higher quality search experience.

Richard Firminger, Regional Sales Director of Northern Europe for Yahoo! Search Marketing said, “This powerful new advertising technology marks a key turning point in our efforts to deliver additional value for advertisers and a more relevant experience for users worldwide.”

“Additionally, through this platform, Yahoo! will be able to unlock the full potential of our large global user base and our ongoing investments in creating the largest and most engaged audience.”

To facilitate a smooth upgrade experience for its thousands of European search advertisers Yahoo! will transition customers from its current system to the new platform through a phased rollout.

Beginning today, Yahoo! advertisers throughout Europe will start to receive notifications to access the many new features available in the completely redesigned, easy-to-use campaign management console. Notifications to upgrade will continue in stages over the coming weeks.

What can we expect from the new plaform?

  • Fast Ad Activation – provides a streamlined content review process that allows advertisers to launch most new ad campaigns within minutes of submission. This enables immediate engagement with customer, instant reward for quality improvements and the ability to manage last minute inventory.
  • Ad Testing – supports automatic rotation of multiple versions of ads to determine the most effective, and over time displays the highest-performing ads more frequently. This empowers advertisers to drive quality, improve click through rate and deliver better value.
  • Visible Quality Index – scores ads based on quality, bid and other relevance variables, and will be made visible to advertisers to enable them to gauge and optimise placement when the quality-based ranking model is implemented
  • Intuitive Control Panel – provides a simplified interface, allowing advertisers to easily understand their performance and modify or enhance campaigns every step of the way
  • Goal-Based Optimisation – enables advertisers to let Yahoo! automatically find the least expensive way to meet their Cost Per Acquisition or Return on Ad Spend goals
  • Enhanced Geographic Targeting – powered by Yahoo!’s WhereonEarth technology, enabling Yahoo! to more accurately understand and match to user search intent (“Soho, NY” versus “Soho, London”) and colloquial terms (“restaurant near Tottenham Court Road” is in central London).
  • Share of Clicks Forecasting – displays data regarding the bid needed to achieve an estimated specific share of expected clicks
  • Assists – allows advertisers to see how ads drive both immediate and deferred conversions across multiple campaigns, not just the last click that led to a conversion.

The new platform has been built for the future so has the capacity to introduce additional distribution options, targeting capabilities and pricing models, as well as additional ad formats enhanced with graphics or rich media. As such Yahoo believe it to be completely scalable to grow and future market trends.

Advertisers can visit the Yahoo upgrade centre here.