Account migration to Yahoos much anticipated Panama ad platform has already started in the UK. Yahoo are working with agencies & select advertisers as we speak to tighten up campaign structure to ensure the transition is smooth. The first ‘group’ of accounts will be fully migrated accross to the new platform over the next few weeks, before the initial launch.

Having worked with Andrew Buckman (EU product developer of YSM!) Jensense expects Yahoos launch date to be much sooner than many expect –

It should be available to advertisers by the beginning of May, but my instinct says that advertisers will likely see it sooner than that, in mid to late April.

So what does this mean to advertisers?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to really tighten up your campaigns, adgroups (categories), adtext & keywords as relevancy & CTR will be key to performing in the new ‘quality’ based bidding that will be introduced soon after launch.