Interesting’ish news today, Yahoo are due to move to the same system as Google. Historically Yahoo have always allowed advertisers to have more than a single advert with the same display url in a SERP. Google filters these adverts out automatically based on ad rank, but Yahoo have always allowed muliple ads with the same display url and only removed duplicate adverts if there was a complaint of ‘site ownership’. I.E when an advertiser complained that an affiliate (or someone else..) was using their sites display url.

Not any longer, beginning the 8th of August, Yahoo will no longer show multiple adverts with the same display url and instead show the ad with the highest ad rank.

What does this mean?

Well, I am sure a few affiliates are a bit upset. Yahoo has always provided a safe haven for affiliates wanting to send traffic directly to the merchants site without having to worry to much about whether their listings were in competition to be displayed against another (in-house or agency).

So whether you are a business, agency or affiliate, who is using the same display url as you? Will your advert be shown, or theres?